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Buyer's Guide

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"I hereby agree and authorize Mahindra & Mahindra Limited and all of its divisions, affiliates, subsidiaries, related parties and other group companies (collectively the "Mahindra Entities") to access my basic data / contact details provided herewith, i.e. my name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, birth date and / or anniversary date. I hereby consent to, agree and acknowledge that any of the Mahindra Entities may call/ email/ SMS me on any of the basic contact details shared by me, in order to assist with my car purchase or keep me informed regarding product details, or send me any marketing and other product or service related communication and other offers of any of the Mahindra Entities. I provide the details herein at my sole discretion and confirm that no Mahindra Entity shall be held responsible or liable for any claim arising out of accessing or using my basic data / contact details shared by me. I also consent to being assigned a unique identity within the Mahindra Group, to be shared amongst all Mahindra Entities, for the purpose outlined in this paragraph."

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I agree that by clicking the 'Take a Test Drive' button below, I am explicitly soliciting a call from Mahindra or its partners on my 'Mobile' in order to assist me.





Find a Mahindra dealership in your city using this simple dealership locator. Just enter your details below and click 'Locate'.


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Not just a New car. A new Breed.


Exchange your old vehicle through Xmart.

X-mart is the brand for Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. to facilitate vehicle exchange at M&M dealership.

Following a customer-centric approach, we provide our clients the facility to trade-in their used cars for the New Generation Mahindra Scorpio. We also offer them other conveniences like finance facility, insurance and more under the same roof.

X-mart has a transparent and fair evaluation process provided by Mahindra First Choice through which the seller gets the right price and is paid promptly. X-Mart assures you convenience, transparency and best value-for-money deals

Why you should sell your car to X-mart and not to others ?

  • Best Price for your car, with scientific evaluation process
  • Transparent Deal
  • Timely Payment
  • Transfer of RC –We ensure your car goes in to right hands
  • Nation-wide Presence
  • Exchange/Upgrade to new Mahindra vehicles
Yes, I would like to exchange my old Car.
*Incase your city is not mentioned, choose the city closest to you. We will get in touch with you.

I agree that by clicking the 'Submit' button below I am explicitly soliciting a call from Mahindra or its partners on my 'Mobile' in order to assist me with my car exchange request.


At Corporate Sales, it is our continuous endeavor to provide delightful customer experience and build life-long business relationships. We give various benefits to customers depending on the eligibility criteria and also provide Group / Bulk purchase incentives with minimum quantity criteria.

What is Corporate Advantage?

  • Purchase by Corporate Institutions
    It includes buying in the name of the company or in the name of the employees from the company
  • Purchase by Leasing companies.
    We support & facilitate purchase by leasing companies.
  • Purchase by Fleet/Travel Operators
    We support fleet operators who buy cars in large numbers and have specific needs to run and maintain a large fleet.

Special Excise Duty Exemption

Foreign Diplomats, Ambassadors and Members of International Organizations enjoy excise duty waiver & sales tax waiver as per exemption given by Government of India on car purchase.

Canteen Stores Department

This scheme is extended to all Commissioned Officers belonging to Ministry of Defence including PBORs, subject to necessary approvals and guidelines as issued by CSD.

For more queries contact your nearest dealer or write to us at
or fill the Enquiry Form

Fill in the details below & our team will get in touch with you.

*In case your city is not mentioned, choose the city closest to you. We will get in touch with you.

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I agree that by clicking the 'Submit' button below, I am explicitly soliciting a call from Mahindra or its partners on my 'Mobile' in order to assist me.

For a truly unique Scorpio ownership experience, we present to you the handpicked collection of lifestyle merchandize. Take your pick and start a trend.

  • 1:32 Scale Model - New Generation Scorpio
    1:32 Scale Model - New Generation Scorpio
    Very few automobiles evoke the passion that Scorpio does and even fewer stir-up the promise of adventure. With this 1:32 scale model of the New Generation Scorpio in metal, inspiration is never far. Parked on your desk or cradled in your hands its sure to bring out the adventurer in you. All you need to do is pull it back, release it and watch it go!
    Available in White and Red.
  • T Shirt
    Scorpio T-Shirt
    Made of pre-shrunk 100% Cotton. Features a seamless body with interlock knit for greater durability and improved texture. The bottom is reinforced with two-needle hemming.
    Comes with 3 buttons and in all sizes.
  • T Shirt
    Scorpio Jersey-styled T Shirt
    Made of pre-shrunk 100% Cotton the Scorpio Jersey-styled T-shirt comes with a welt-knit collar and sleeve-bands for that sporty look.
    Available in all sizes.
  • Cap
    Scorpio Cap
    Top-up that sporty look with the Scorpio cap. Made from 100% Cotton and drill-brushed for durability and comfort, it is sure to turn heads with its attractive dual-colour design.
  • Mug
    Scorpio Travel Mug
    Now you can enjoy your hot cuppa on the go! Made of stainless steel, the Scorpio Travel Mug fits snugly into your car's cup holder and keeps the liquid inside hot by connecting to your car's 12-Volt charging point using an in-built adapater.
  • The Legend of Scorpio Coffee Table Book
    The Legend of Scorpio Coffee Table Book
    Nothing captures the inspiring story of Scorpio better than the ‘Legend of Scorpio’ coffee table book. Tracing the brand’s journey from its bold beginnings to the iconic status that it enjoys today, this engrossing read promises a behind-the-scenes look at how Scorpio evolved over time to capture the hearts and minds of millions.
    The ‘Legend of Scorpio’ coffee table book is a must-read not only for the auto enthusiast but also for any company or brand that wishes to embark on a journey to self-belief.
  • Scorpio T-shirt
    Scorpio T-shirt
    The Scorpio T-shirt is a cut above the rest, just like you. The red tipping on the edge of the collar and cuffs gives it a bold and stylish look while the high-quality 100% cotton keeps you cool and comfortable. Needless to say, the Scorpio name comes embroidered. Close to the heart.
    Available in more than one size.
  • Spectacular Binocular
    Spectacular Binocular
    Take in the spectacular views when you travel with this powerful pair of binoculars from XINDAO (Holland). 10x60 with blue lenses, it fits into its own nylon pouch along with a user manual and a cleaning cloth. A sleek rubber finish in black with silver details, it makes for an elegant and useful gift for travelers.
  • Hammer Help
    Hammer Help
    Keep this hammer handy, especially in your car. Because in case you ever get stuck, you can just use the seatbelt cutter to free yourself and then break the glass with its metal pin that's protected by a plastic cover. Designed by Xindao(Holland), this emergency hammer even has an adhesive holder for easy grip.
  • Scorpio Ten on Ten
    Scorpio Ten on Ten
    The compact Scorpio Multi-Utility Tool features a set of spring-loaded, precision-made tools that gets the job done right, quickly and safely every time. Be it in the great outdoors or at home.



An exclusive collection of accessories custom-made for the New Generation Scorpio is here. From accessories that enhance your driving experience and technology and equipment that takes you further to embellishments that make your Scorpio look meaner we’ve got it all here.


GOVT. Sales

Sale to Government Departments

DGS&D: Directorate General of Supplies & Disposals head quartered at Delhi is the Central Purchase Organisation of the Government of India headed by the Director General. It is a part of Department of Supply & Purchase (Ministry of Commerce).

DGS&D enters into rate contracts for a specified period for purchase of various items on behalf of Central government with the registered firms. Such contracts are utilized by State government departments, Public sector Undertakings and quasi government bodies to place direct orders on rate contract holding firms.

The Directorate Automobile governs all Automobile related items in rate contracts.

Who can avail facility of DGS&D Rate Contracts:

  • All Central Govt. Departments
  • All State Govt. Departments
  • All PSUs
  • All local level Govt. organizations e.g. Municipalities, Zillah Parishads , Grampanchayats etc.

Process of Ordering:

  • Form 131 Orders: Central Govt. Departments can place direct orders on Form 131 as per Terms & Conditions of latest RC along with Financial Certificate and Letter of Authority or contact local representative as per details given.
  • Direct Orders: State Govt. Departments & other Govt. offices can contact local representative as per details given to get the pro-forma on DGS&D prices and place the direct order on M & M.


  • From Pay & Accounts office of Indenter for Central Govt. Departments.
  • Others have to pay 100% advance payment to Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd along with Purchase Order.

Inspection: Not applicable as M & M is holding Green Channel Status.


As per terms & conditions of RC through nearest Mahindra Dealership.

After Sales Support:

Provided through Mahindra Authorised dealership network spread across India.

Our valued key Customers:

Defense Organizations, Para Military Offices, State Police Depts., Forest, Revenue Depts., Sales Tax & Excise offices, Agriculture, State Transport Depts., Municipalities, Zillah Parishads, Grampanchayats etc.

For any query fill in the details below & our team will get in touch with you.

*Incase your city is not mentioned, choose the city closest to you. We will get in touch with you.

 Yes      No
I agree that by clicking the 'Submit' button below, I am explicitly soliciting a call from Mahindra or its partners on my 'Mobile' in order to assist me.

Please provide your mobile number so we can send you the contact.

Your mobile no.
 I agree that by clicking the "submit" button below I am explicitly soliciting a SMS from Mahindra or its partners on my "Mobile" in order to assist me with my car purchase
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